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Higher Education at Yorkshire Coast College
Higher Education  at Yorkshire Coast College
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How to apply

This page is designed to provide learners with information on how to apply for a course at Yorkshire Coast College for Higher Education

How to Apply For a Course within Higher Education

Full-time Study

For full-time entry on to any of the higher education programmes, you must apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

All courses can be found on the UCAS Website. The UCAS code for Yorkshire Coast College is G80, the campus codes are Y for Westwood and E for Lady Edith's Drive.

Once completed, your application is sent to the institutions to which you have applied. The admissions tutor for the course will then carefully read the application, check to see if the entry requirements for that course have already been met or are likely to be met and then make you an offer.

Conditional Offer
A 'conditional offer' of a place means that you will have to meet certain conditions which are usually based on your qualifications, exams and/or specific assessments. You may be asked to achieve specific UCAS or tariff points (for example grade C in named subjects). UCAS will inform you what is required to gain entry onto the course and when you must meet the conditions of your offer. UCAS will inform you if an offer of a place is not made for the programme(s) you have applied. However, in the case of unsuccessful applications, Yorkshire Coast College will advise you of alternative choices you may wish to consider.

Unconditional Offer
An unconditional offer means that you have met all the entry requirements. You may need to provide proof of your qualifications.

The offer may also specify other requirements, such as medical conditions or a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, that you must meet before you can join the course.

Accepting An Offer
Once you have received an offer of a place you will be required to confirm your acceptance. Expert information, advice and guidance is available from the Higher Education Admissions Team to assist you in choosing the right course. In addition to our prospectus, we can provide you with individual course details providing more information before you apply.

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