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We're here to help you and have a wide range of information, advice and guidance and support services that are all available to make to make your time at Yorkshire Coast College a fantastic experience.

At Yorkshire Coast College we're committed to supporting all of our learners We know that you or your son or daughter already has an EHC plan so we are interested in your views on both the process and what it has achieved for you or your child. A personal budget is money which may be allocated to a child or young person for their support because of their education, health or social care needs.

North Yorkshire is participating in a survey to find out how EHCPs and personal budgets are working for children and young people nationally and here in North Yorkshire and would like to ask for your help with this. The survey is called the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool, or POET for short.

In Control, with the help of children, young people, families and practitioners from across the country, has devised questionnaires for people to complete about the process of obtaining an education, health and care plan and/or a personal budget and what difference that has made to you.

We would be grateful if you could spare some of your time to complete the parent/carer survey. You can complete the survey on line using this link: North Yorkshire CC - Survey for parents of children and young people who have an Education Health and Care Plan

Or you could complete one of the paper versions below and return it to me at the address below:

Michael Cotton
SEND Implementation Manager
Access & Inclusion
County Hall
01609 532548

There is a standard version and an easy read version; you should only complete one of them. Locally, the results of this survey to monitor how we are doing and how we can make improvements. The information you give us will also be used in a national report to help improve the way things are done for others in England. You will not need to give any personal details and there will be no way of identifying individuals. We are asking people to complete surveys during the autumn term this year.

A national report with the results will be published in Spring 2016 and we will receive a North Yorkshire benchmarking report, subject to us providing sufficient returns. . We will share the results and what we will be doing as a result of the findings. If you are interested in working with us to consider the results and identify any actions please let me know and I will contact you again nearer the time.

There is also a survey for children and young people to complete. You can access the questionnaire via this link: North Yorkshire CC - Survey for children and young people who have a Education Health and Care Plan, their life and the support they get

It would be helpful if you could encourage your son or daughter to complete the questionnaire. Alternatively, they may be offered the opportunity to complete it at school, college, at activities or clubs or at a short break.

Practitioners from education, health and social care involved in supporting children and young people with EHC Plans are also being asked to complete a questionnaire.

In Control continues to adjust and improve the survey questionnaire based on feedback about the forms so we would also be very interested in your views or comments you have about the format of the surveys. If you have any questions, feedback about the format of the surveys or wish to be involved in considering the findings next year please contact Michael Cotton at the address and telephone number above.

Thank you very much for your help in this important matter.

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