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Yorkshire Coast College
Yorkshire Coast College
  • Plumbing at Yorkshire Coast College
Your goals they will never be more than pipe dreams unless you pursue them.
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Plumbing courses at Yorkshire Coast College


Plumbing is a very interesting and varied career. The sheer variety of work makes it impossible to list all the different careers you can go in to.

Plumbers work in all types of buildings, including houses, flats cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs airports, aeroplanes, trains, stations, colleges, schools, factories, hospitals and ships. People need water to survive, so everywhere there is people, there will be a need for Plumbers.

Another aspect of the Plumbers work is maintenance and repair. Everyone should be aware that boilers and other fuel-burning appliances need annual servicing to keep them safe.

As well as fitting the piping systems that carry water around the building, Plumbers are involved with keeping the inside of the building dry by fitting gutters and sheet lead weathering to chimneys and roofs.

Thinking about the above, it's obvious that everyone needs Plumbers at some time, so there is never a shortage of work-there’s always a shortage of qualified plumbers, which of course means that the pay can be very good.
  • Domestic Plumber
  • Commercial Plumber
  • Gas Service Engineer
  • Oil Service Engineer
  • Solid Fuel Engineer


Courses involve learning about the principles of plumbing systems, water pressure, pipejoining techniques, hot and cold water supplies and above ground drainage.
Customer relations and environmental considerations are also covered as part of the course. Work experience is available to all students.
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James Douglas
James Douglas
During his time at the Institute James was announced as the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers’ Apprentice of the Year. James said: “I looked at a few different courses and for the first year I started full-time. My tutor then gave me a recommendation and I got an Apprenticeship with Supreme Bathrooms. I came to the Institute one day a week and spent the rest of the time working on site.

“I learnt all of the regulations at the Institute and could then go out an put them into practice. Now that I have finished m y qualifications I am running my own gang and even have my own Apprentice. In the future I want to go travelling and then I will hopefully set up my own business.”

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